Iterating on the concept

Concept iteration

Re-imagining the concept

We sat down with the local markets and documented their feedback. Afterwards, we went back together as a team to discuss the next steps. We tried to iterate as much as possible to get all the feedback incorporated.


Benefits, usage and UX copy

We researched over 350 UK consumers and conducted related to digital personalisation experience.

Customers were asked questions related to the priority of personalisation, benefits, and usage of components based on personalisation.

Questions entailed their perception and awareness of personalisation and their perception of being personalised.

Concept iteration

Interest-based content

The wish for content on a regional level, but also a global level made us rethink the approach of our MVP. How can we guide the customer with the right content at the right time? Where local markets and global are treated equally? And how do we make sure we have the right metrics?


 • Personalised messages to build the relationship with customers​
 • Join the IKEA family call-to-action​​
 • Campaign banner​
 • Personalised tab system ​
 • Recently-viewed products so that users can pick up from where they left off​.

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Creating and omnichannel experience for the many


Concept validation


Iterating on the concept


Customer segmentation