About me

Driven by a passion for transforming innovative ideas into reality. With a profound understanding of design and user experience research, I craft digital focussed products that seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics.

I believe in the power of combining good design and thorough research to tackle real-world challenges by enhancing interactions and optimising user flows. My core philosophy centers on the notion that every change should not only address a specific problem but also deliver genuine value to the user. A testament to this was the complete redesign of the Calvin Klein website, where, as part of a team effort, we streamlined the product, making it more effortless, enjoyable, and engaging for users. 

If you’re interested in learning more about my work or discussing a potential project, feel free to reach out: Hello@BastiaanBurghardt.com.

IKEA – 2022 – Present

Product Designer for the Personalisation and Rewards pillar, under the umbrella of Customer Engagement.

De Bijenkorf – 2020 – 2021

Product Designer for the Orientation, and Selection team. The main focus was on inspiring the customer and eventually helping them move further along their journey.

PVH – 2019 – 2020

Product Designer for Tommy Hilfiger.

PVH – 2017 – 2019

Product Designer for Calvin Klein.

Freelance – 2015 – Present

Product Designer.