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Concept validation


Touch points and impact

We had a workshop as a team where we tried to combine our data points and see where we could deliver the most impact. From all the ideas we generated, we settled on iterating on the homepage.

Initial data showed us that the most classic and common IKEA journey starts with the homepage. So we asked ourselves the question: How can we welcome our new and returning customers?​

Another insight from the data is that a large proportion of our returning customers revisit the same product pages as in the previous session. Is there a way we can combine these findings?

To put it more romantically we can ask ourselves: How can we restart the conversation with our customers?

Concept Discovery

In-depth research

Some key data points that are relevant in understanding the situation.

Pain points:

 • Customer need to find products from the previous session.
 • Customers don’t know the benefits of IKEA Family.


 • We have a high amount of returning customers.

 • A high proportion of returning customers view products from previous sessions​.

 • A large number of visits before a purchase​ is made.

 • A high intent to buy, but lower conversion.​

Minimum valuable product

Personalised Hej!

Having a personalised greeting on the home page shortens the customer journey for our repeat customers.


 • Recently viewed carousel plays a positive role in shortening the customer journey.

 • Prompting new customers to join IKEA Family increases account creation.

This prototype was running as an A/B test in 12 markets, and the results gave us positive results that pushed this concept of “restarting the conversation” further.

Concept impact

Key findings

Some key results from our A/B test within the 12 markets.


 • An increase in total revenue per conversion​. 
 • An increase in click-through rate​ on the component.
 • An small increase in account creations.
 • Overall a great perception of value within the local markets.

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Concept validation


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