Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation modeling

Understanding the customer

How can we make sure the campaign message will be the right one for the right customer? Through customer segmentation, we hope to narrow that gap and show the right content at the right time, for the right customer.

Research showed us multiple ways to achieve this segmentation model. The data points shown here are our initial starting points.

This will help us create a customer model that can segment our current customer base. More in-depth research has been conducted by myself, and the team, that shows how this will look in practice. 

Understanding the journey

Understanding the journey

Understanding the customer and knowing where their head is, is one thing. Another thing we need to understand is how far along their Journey they are. 

Is the customer just looking around? Is he already committed to that one piece in the collection? Is he looking for aftercare information? All these questions have different answers and have different needs to solve them.

This intention impacts the content being delivered and helps the customer narrow down that journey. 

Starting point

Kitchen journey

One of these first customer models is based on a kitchen journey. We focus on a customer who are interested in purchasing a kitchen at IKEA. 

For customers, on the IKEA homepage, who are in this kitchen journey, we show relevant content. based on their needs and wishes. This relevant content, or next-best action, is targeted and personalised so that it is easier and faster for our customers to move on to the next stage of their journey.

A Journey is never binary

In each phase of the customer journey, we want to be adaptive and show the best possible next-best-action. If a customer is exploring our kitchen range, we want to provide inspirational content. When a customer moves along on their journey so does the content.

The next steps

The future

New milestones, new questions.

 • Content order – What content should be placed? 
 • Customer segmentation – choosing the next-best campaign to recommend the customer.
 • Multiple journeys – Expanding into other major journeys e.g. Bathroom, Bedroom, Storage, etc. 
 • Personalised language – based on who is our customer, how can we target our communication style to fit their preferences?
 • Logged in. vs. non-logged in – providing more value to logged in customers. What value do customers want from logging in?

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